Our Mission

At Mountain Recreation, we believe everyone deserves to be healthy and happy. Working to support the District to better serve the social, emotional, and physical needs of everyone in the community will require more than traditional District funding can support.

Why a foundation?

Growth & Development

Our community’s capital needs go beyond what traditional District funding can provide. Renovations of the Gypsum Recreation Center, Edwards Field House and the Eagle Pool and Ice Rink along with the and the development of the Eagle Sports Complex spectator areas are planned in order to meet the social, emotional, mental, and physical needs of the community.

Scholarship Expansion

Expanding the youth recreation scholarship program with the potential to broaden the scope of the scholarships to include membership support ensures equitable access to everyone in the community.

District Sustainability

The creation of a facilities maintenance fund to provide much needed and regular maintenance updates to the facilities and spaces.

Community Engagement

An opportunity for our clients, customers, and community members to show their appreciation and support of the breadth and depth of our programs and the range of our impact.

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