every age,
every season,
& every one

the challenge

Mountain Recreation’s facilities in Edwards, Eagle, and Gypsum provide Western Eagle County residents with activities for all ages, after-school programs, sports leagues, and an array of fun events. But we’re maxed out, and demand exceeds capacity every day. With double the increase in population and a change in demographics since the facilities were built, it is time that we increase, enhance, and expand in order to support our growing community. The only way to do this is by building today for a healthy tomorrow.


The Solution

All Access Rec is a capital improvement project for every age and every season that will transform Mountain Recreation’s rec centers, to multi-generational community hubs. Major renovations in Edwards, Eagle, and Gypsum will level the playing field and allow Mountain Rec to introduce a new district-wide pass. So whether you’re at home or at work, an affordable, energizing community hub will be right down the road.

what's in it for our community?

We’ll complete major renovations at all three rec centers in order to improve community health and the wellbeing of our residents.

We’ll provide year-round access to new community spaces, behavioral health programs, and social activities for all.

We’ll upgrade and expand our three facilities, allowing us to introduce an affordable district-wide pass for all residents.

how can you help?

Our November 2021 ballot measure to fund these projects lost by 267 votes. 3,687 people voted for it, but the 3,939 who didn’t said one of the reasons was because of the cost. While our District board determines our next steps when it comes to another election, we’re asking you to help us fund it today. Your gift will get us that much closer to lowering the total cost of the build.

upcoming projects:


Eagle Community Center


Edwards Community Center


Gypsum Recreation Center

completed projects:


Eagle Sports Complex

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